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Hakushaku to Yousei Episode 4 Sub Indo

Poster anime Hakushaku to Yousei
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Poster anime Hakushaku to YouseiSub Indo
In the nineteenth century, we find Lydia Carlton living in Scotland, making a living as a fairy doctor. She is one of those rare humans who can see and communicate with fairies. But no one believes her. However, Edgar is in need of someone with a vast knowledge of fairy lore, and Lydia is just that person. After rescuing her, he becomes her employer, but there are many secrets and emotions that seem to follow Edgar, who claims to be the Blue Knight's Earl.
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JudulHakushaku to Yousei 2008
Judul AlternatifEarl and Fairy
Jumlah Voter36959
Total Episode12
Hari TayangSabtu
GenreAdventure Fantasy Historical Magic Romance Shoujo

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